Guidance on Pecan Industry FMO Assessments

Announcement to the Pecan Industry Regarding FMO Assessments This announcement is intended to provide the Pecan Industry guidance on the assessments  for Pecans that are likely to be required beginning October 1, 2016. As you know the American Pecan Council Nomination period has been completed and the USDA is preparing for […]

The Nomination Process Has Begun

The process to seat the American Pecan Council begins with the nomination of candidates on the official form provided by the USDA.  The forms can be found at the following link: Three forms are available: Grower Nomination Form FV-309 (pdf) Sheller Nomination Form FV-310 (pdf) Grower/Sheller Questionnaire and Acceptance […]

American Pecan Council Begins with Nominations

NOMINATIONS TO THE AMERICAN PECAN COUNCIL TO BEGIN SOON The Final Rule for the Federal Marketing Order for Pecans was published in the Federal Register on Thursday, August 4, 2016.  The historic event culminated a three year grassroots effort of pecan stakeholders who collaborated with USDA to write and support […]

What Is Next After the Referendum

A PRIMER ON HOW TO SEAT GROWER AND SHELLER MEMBERS ON THE NEW AMERICAN PECAN COUNCIL By:  Paul Quirós and Mike Adams “What do we do now?”[1] Introduction The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced on May 6, 2016, the results of a historic vote by Pecan growers who […]

The Results Are In And The Pecan FMO Passes

American Pecan Board Applauds USDA Announcement On Friday morning, May 6, 2016, the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced the results of a historic vote by pecan growers in the 15-state producing area in the United States. By an overwhelming majority, producers passed a Federal Marketing Order (FMO) for […]

The Grower Referendum Ballots Have Been Mailed

On March 8, the USDA mailed ballots to pecan growers in the 15 states that produce pecans.  Beginning on March 9 and ending on March 30, growers will have the opportunity with their vote to express their preference for acceptance of the Federal Market Order for Pecans.  In addition to […]

How Do I Receive A Ballot To Vote In The Grower Referendum?

A Person is eligible to vote in the Grower Referendum if he/she meets the definition of a Grower: § 986.17 Grower (a) Grower is synonymous with producer and means any person engaged within the production area in a proprietary capacity in the production of pecans if such person: (1) Owns an […]

Grower Referendum Set to Begin March 9

On Wednesday, February 24, USDA posted a press release regarding the Federal Marketing Order for Pecans announcing the dates of the Grower Referendum.  The Order was on display on the USDA website on Friday.  The Order was published in the Federal Register on Monday, February 29. A link to the Federal […]

Update On The Federal Marketing Order For Pecans

It’s a New Year and time to update Pecan Stakeholders on the status of the Federal Marketing Order for Pecans. As was reported earlier, the Secretary of Agriculture released his preliminary recommendation in late October. The release in the Federal Register was based on the testimony of 55 witnesses who […]