Grower Referendum Set to Begin March 9

Tree Shaker Royalty FarmsOn Wednesday, February 24, USDA posted a press release regarding the Federal Marketing Order for Pecans announcing the dates of the Grower Referendum.  The Order was on display on the USDA website on Friday.  The Order was published in the Federal Register on Monday, February 29.

A link to the Federal Register can be found here.

The American Pecan Board released the following press release today (2/29/16).  Additional information regarding further details will be posted soon.



February 29, 2016

The American Pecan Board enthusiastically endorses the Federal Marketing Order for Pecans as published in the Federal Register on February 29, 2016.  The next step in the process of adoption is a Grower Referendum to be held from March 9 through March 30, whereby pecan growers can vote on acceptance of the Order.  As opposed to programs that are funded by taxpayer money, the FMO for Pecans is a self-help program whereby pecan money is administered by pecan people for the benefit of the pecan industry and consumers who enjoy pecans.

Since 2013, APB has sought input from pecan stakeholders and worked to collaborate with USDA on a rule that will serve the pecan industry as it better informs the consuming public of the goodness of pecans. “The cooperation of our industry is historic,” comments Mike Adams, a Texas grower who serves as president of APB. “Many pecan folks from across the pecan belt were instrumental in crafting the rules along with the able assistance of USDA personnel.”

Pecans are truly a natural health food that is native to North America. They are grown in 15 states in the United States from the Carolinas to California.

The marketing order, once implemented, will uniquely serve farmers, processors, and consumers alike. It will facilitate a more stable market for growers, an assured supply for processors and end users, and a consistent, healthful product to be enjoyed by lovers of good food.

More on how to vote in the pecan grower referendum on our blog.