USDA Releases Final Dates and Locations for Public Hearings on FMO

The final dates and venues have been released by the USDA for the public hearings on the Federal Marketing Order for Pecans. The initial hearing begins in Las Cruces, New Mexico on July 20 with the Central Region hearing and the East Region hearing to follow. The schedule is: July […]


To view the full Federal Marketing Order for Pecans, click on the tab above “Pecan FMO“. A SUMMARY OF KEY PROVISIONS OF THE 20-PAGE DRAFT FOLLOWS: Section on Definitions – defines the terms that are used throughout the order. Key definitions: 986.25 Improved pecans Improved pecans are pecan varieties bred […]

Imagine What Pecan Industry Can Be

A LOOK BACK and A LOOK FORWARD TO WHAT THE PECAN INDUSTRY CAN BE Mike Adams | President, American Pecan Board  Our industry is at a crossroad. Let me begin with two stories that are insightful and revealing. At the WPGA conference in Las Cruces in March of last year, over […]

Upcoming Meetings for FMO Update

The American Pecan Board is on the program at the following events.  An update on the status of the FMO will be discussed at each meeting. April 2 – Mills County Pecan Field Day, Goldthwaite, TX April 16 – Louisiana Pecan Field Day, Rosalie Plantation south of Alexandria, LA. Come to […]

FMO Draft to be Released Soon

The draft of the Federal Marketing Order (FMO) for Pecans is nearing completion.  The 18-month dialogue between USDA and pecan stakeholders to draft the FMO rules will result in the document submitted to the Secretary of Agriculture in May.  The rules are the parameters within which the eventual governing body […]

Communication is a Top Priority

As you are most likely aware, the American Pecan Board (APB) is serving as the steering committee for a federal marketing order for pecans. This effort is for the benefit of the entire industry, and communication with pecan stakeholders is of utmost importance. The APB sends out regular updates via […]

Name Change to American Pecan Board

At a meeting in March 2014, the Board of Directors voted to change the official name of the organization from U. S. Pecan Council to The American Pecan Board. President Mike Adams of the American Pecan Board, Inc., a Pecan grower, released the following statement: “After careful consideration and experienced counsel […]

Establishment of Entity Representing All Segments of the Pecan Industry

On May 16, 2013, an historic event occurred for pecans.  Up until that date, no group had been assembled that represented all segments of the U. S. pecan industry.  On that date, the newly formed U. S. Pecan Council seated its first board of directors.  This article is an account […]