Pecan Benefits

Inshell Cheyenne Royalty Farms“The American Pecan” is truly a national treasure.  Of the seven tree nuts grown worldwide, the pecan is the only one native to North America.  Grown in fourteen states from the Carolinas to California, the pecan has long been a staple in the American diet.  Recently, the world has discovered the great taste, the healthful qualities, and the versatility of pecans.

The pecan benefits start with the source of healthy nutrients, minerals and vitamins the pecan meat boasts. A number of scientific studies substantiate the health benefits of eating pecans. Recently, the New England Journal of Medicine reported that the regular consumption of nuts, including pecans, was directly associated with longevity of life in both men and women.

The pecan benefits your body and it tastes delicious in a range of culinary dishes. The delectable kernels can be used for snack foods, entree enhancements, salad garnishments, baking ingredients, and a myriad of other chef imaginations.  The pecan is versatile in storage too and has become available year round.