Pecan Industry

Orchard-Rows at Royalty Pecan FarmsThe American Pecan Board was founded as an organization to represent all segments of the pecan industry; those who grow and produce, those who buy and distribute, and those who shell and process this unique American tree nut.

Pecans remain in the top three most popular nut consumed in the United States. Pecan production in 14 states produced more than 80 percent of the world’s pecans. In recent years, the pecan has become quite popular overseas. The US pecan industry exports were valued at $486.9 million in 2012.

The pecan industry is comprised of variety of professionals, all come together to improve nut quality for the consumer.

Producers (growers) labor year ’round to provide for consumers the best of one of Nature’s most healthful foods.  The pecan kernel is the result of sunshine, water, and plant energy produced by a natural manufacturing plant called a pecan tree.

Processors (shellers) continue to add value for the consumer by cracking, shelling, sorting, and grading the pecan meats into delectable kernels for snack foods, entree enhancements, salad garnishments, baking ingredients, and a myriad of other chef imaginations.  American shellers are second to none in the safe and healthy processing of the nutrient packed nut.