How Do I Receive A Ballot To Vote In The Grower Referendum?

A Person is eligible to vote in the Grower Referendum if he/she meets the definition of a Grower:

§ 986.17 Grower

Pecan Cluster Royalty Farms(a) Grower is synonymous with producer and means any person engaged within the production area in a proprietary capacity in the production of pecans if such person:

(1) Owns an orchard and harvests its pecans for sale (even if a custom harvester is used); or

(2) Is a lessee of a pecan orchard and has the right to sell the harvest (even if the lessee must remit a percentage of the crop or rent to a lessor).

(b) The term “grower” shall only include those who produce a minimum of 50,000 pounds of inshell pecans during a representative period (average of four years) or who own a minimum of 30 pecan acres according to the FSA, including acres calculated by the FSA based on pecan tree density. In the absence of any FSA delineation of pecan acreage, the regular definition of an acre will apply. The Council may recommend changes to this definition subject to the approval of the Secretary.

To receive a ballot for the Grower Referendum, contact Southeast Marketing Field Office of USDA at (863) 324-3375 and request a ballot.

Upon receipt of the ballot, the grower casts a vote 1) for or against the marketing order and 2) indicates the average inshell pecan production for the production years 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.  The ballot is mailed back to USDA in return envelope.  The ballot should be returned before March 30.